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Ayodhya Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan exposes pseudo-secularim of so called Muslim leaders, liberals


New Delhi: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed Bhoomi Pujan for Ram temple at Ayodhya, a few Muslim leaders, claiming to be representatives of their community in India, has started a campaign against PM Modi’s participation in the historic ceremony for which majority Hindus waited for several generations.

Terming the Prime Minister’s participation as against the spirit of secularism enshrined in the Constitution, these hatemongers are trying to provoke people to spoil the peaceful atmosphere in the country when a temple of harmony is being built after a wait of 500 years. The DNA analysis today exposes such leadership which for serving their interests cites Constitution but when it goes against them they don’t bother even to defy the Supreme Court. 

For crores of Hindus, it was an occasion to celebrate Diwali as it was a dream come true. They had lost hope that their dream of Ram Temple in Ayodhya would ever come into reality in their lifetime. Their celebration was the outcome of 500 years of wait and the sacrifice of 25 generations. The majority of Hindus in the country now feel that Lord Rama’s exile has actually ended. 

On the contrary, a handful of Muslim leaders in the country feel that Indian secularism is in danger now. Some of these even stated that Babri Masjid was, Babri Masjid is still there and it would continue to remain. Some even stated that what the Prime Minister said in Ayodhya on August 5 was against the history. Some went ahead even to the extent of saying that history will be repeated again, and the mosque will be rebuilt after desecrating the temple.

Among those who made such statements included Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke, Senior Advocate Zafaryab Jilani, President of All India Imam Association Sajid Rashidi and officials of Muslim Personal Law Board, along with were some Liberal intellectuals and journalists. These are the same people who have hailed the Constitution for 70 years and also appreciated secularism, but when the Supreme Court settled the Ayodhya dispute they are now disillusioned. 

Earlier these liberals vowed to respect the Supreme Court decision, but these people are saying that the top court gave its verdict under the government pressure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked against the Constitution by visiting Ram temple in Ayodhya, they added.

If the Supreme Court gives a decision in their favour then the democracy and the Constitution are intact, but if the top court decision does not suit them then they start questioning it. Five months ago, protesters in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh showed copies of the Constitution in their hands, but the same people are now insulting the Constitution. 

Notably, the original copy of the Constitution depicts Lord Shri Ram returning to Ayodhya with Sita and Lakshmana after the victory of Lanka.

A complaint has been filed against the All India Muslim Personal Law Board in Delhi today, urging Delhi Police to file a case against the AIMPLB under sections 153A, 153B, 295A, sections 298, 504, 505 of IPC for inciting communal hatred, violence, and riots and for contempt of the Supreme Court.

A day before the Bhumi Pujan of Ram temple, the AIMPLB had tweeted to say that there was Babri Masjid and will always be there. Citing the example of Turkey’s Haya Sophia, it stated that the conditions would not remain the same, and asked followers to keep patience. The Tweet was later deleted, but the thinking of such organizations can not be deleted. 

The anger against Muslim Personal Law Board is visible among people as the demand for suspending is coming from different parts of the country. These are the people who are opposed to the Ram temple and have incited Muslim society from time to time to radicalise them. 

Such people are also against Indian tradition and culture. Earlier, they have opposed writers like Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen, and always try to bar their entry into India, because these writers write and speak against radical ideology.

The DNA will make you understand the intention of such people, opposing the Ram temple, and the mistakes they are committing in 4 points:

1. These people have disobeyed the Supreme Court decision therefore action should be taken against them.

2. These people have also insulted the Indian Constitution.

3. With their provocative statement, they have tried to break the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood.

4. They are least interested in solving the issue of Ram temple in Ayodhya, They rather want it to continue for the next 500 years.

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