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Ever since the evacuation of Afghan civilians began after the country fell into the hands of the Taliban, the question of the influx of these refugees and their resettlement has been a part of many discourses. Now, European Commissioner Margaritis Shinas has said that the situation in Afghanistan and its associated events could pave the way for the formation of a common migration policy.

Speaking to an Austrian daily Wiener Zeitung, Schinus said, “It is true that we are now in a major crisis, but the European Union (EU) did not create the situation, yet we have to once again be part of the solution.” is called for.”

He further said he wants to “avoid the reflex” that leads Europe back to the crisis year 2015 “before it is even clear how the situation will develop.”

After the re-emergence of the Taliban, many thousands of Afghans have been deported from their homeland, either to neighboring Asian countries or to the US and Europe. The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has said that up to 500,000 Afghans could flee by the end of the year. Meanwhile, many countries, including Russia, Austria and Greece, have rejected the idea of ​​directly or indirectly welcoming Afghan migrants, even as Europe is still recovering from the massive refugee influx following the 2015 Syrian war. Is.

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz reiterated his decision not to take the migrants, saying there should not be a possible Afghan wave in Europe. This comes after his stance against welcoming Afghans as the European nation has taken an “disproportionately high” number since 2015, when one million people entered Europe from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. .

In the interview, Shinas said the EU was prepared this time with better external border security and financial resources to help Afghanistan’s neighbours, while the policies of EU states were “rapidly convergent”.

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“Therefore, I see now as a moment to agree on a common European migration and asylum policy, as we proposed at the EU Commission in September,” he told Zeitung, according to Reuters.

The European commissioner further said that migration has long failed unity among the EU’s 27 members, with strong resistance to a deal between “populists on the right and the left”. However, he said he saw a window for a solution after the French presidential elections in May 2022 – by the time Germany would also have a new regime.

The European Union, on the other hand, plans to spend 300 million euros ($355 million) to resettle about 30,000 Afghan refugees inside the bloc in an effort to avoid the migration crisis. According to a diplomatic note seen by Bloomberg, the European Commission made the proposal to EU ambassadors at its 26 August meeting. According to Bloomberg, the commission said that additional funding could also be made available for rehabilitation purposes.

Another meeting of the European Union took place on 31 August – on the resettlement of Afghans and the situation in Afghanistan. Following the meeting, the EU’s commissioner for home affairs, Ylva Johansson, informed on Twitter that she would convene “a high-level resettlement forum” in September to “discuss concrete priorities with member states and seek permanent solutions to those Afghans.” to provide” to those who are most vulnerable. , such as women and children.”

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