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Every Call of Duty League New York home series map in a sentence – Latest Breaking News Updates

After months of questioning how these two teams would match up in opposition to at least one one other, the Chicago Huntsmen lastly confronted the Atlanta FaZe this weekend. The sequence was a quick 3-0, further of a barometer of the FaZe’s present struggles and the Huntsmen’s enhancements — or an indictment of scheduling, counting on how one wishes to take a look at it.

Not to be outdone, the New York Subliners, a bunch that various avid gamers and staffs throughout the league have talked about would take a sequence if their event performances resembled their scrims, lastly took their first match win.

Here is every map from the New York Subliners’ dwelling sequence in a sentence.

Day 1

Toronto Ultra 3, Paris Legion 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Toronto run three ARs to kick off Gun Runner hardpoint, and Cammy pops off in a 250-189 win.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: Legion’s stronger setups, mid-map administration, and Louqa’s sniping talents tie up the sequence.

St. Petrograd, Domination: After taking B mid-first-half, Paris have a small lead into the second half that Toronto overtakes late within the spherical for a shut win.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: The Ultra stop Office betting that they’ll take the map on Docks, and Paris break to make it attention-grabbing, nonetheless in the long run Toronto wins 250-237.

Chicago Huntsmen 3, London Royal Ravens 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Another three-AR setup, one different win, this time for the Ravens.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: A Round Four 3v5 models the tempo for the Huntsmen to close out this map with a five-round win streak.

St. Petrograd, Domination: Chicago’s 20-point first-round lead seems to be like desire it won’t be enough, nonetheless a late B cap holds off any London last-minute push.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: The ARs come up huge for Huntsmen from every FORMAL and Arcitys.

Atlanta FaZe 3, Los Angeles Guerrillas 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: No AUG from Faze, and all people watching breathes a collective sigh of disappointment.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Decemate closes this out with a 1v3, stalling enough so that even when Simp wins the gunfight, LA take the map.

Hackney Yard, Domination: The Guerrillas maintain points surprisingly shut even on the weaker facet, nonetheless FaZe come out ahead.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: FaZe shut points out by staying ahead of the Guerrillas for most of the map.

New York Subliners 3, Minnesota RØKKR 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Four for four with Gun Runner hardpoint starting off a sequence as New York take this one handily by better than 100 elements.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: Another dominating effectivity from New York as Minnesota can’t maintain.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Asim goes monumental as RØKKR maintain themselves within the sequence with a domination win.

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Again New York are the stronger group on spawns and take the sequence.


Toronto Ultra 3, Atlanta FaZe 2

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Cellium leads points off for FaZe with a 30-20 scoreline and better than two minutes on hills.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: Cleanx and Cammy take the lead in a dominant effectivity.

St. Petrograd, Domination: Toronto get a late first-round triple-cap to make points a bit further attention-grabbing, nonetheless this map is almost fully FaZe.

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Cammy and Cleanx take administration on one different map as Toronto put this sequence of their favor, given their stronger S&D performances.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: Toronto as quickly as as soon as extra look greater than FaZe on S&D, they normally’re by way of to semifinals.

Chicago Huntsmen 3, New York Subliners 2

Rammaza, Hardpoint: A strong late preserve supplies the Subliners a lead change at 182, nonetheless the Huntsmen come once more and break New York’s preserve that will have given the Subliners the game.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: Plays from Arcitys, Formal, and Envoy highlight a sturdy 6-1 spherical for the Huntsmen.

Hackney Yard, Domination: After the Subliners lead for most of the sequence, the Huntsmen get a late triple-cap to make points attention-grabbing, nonetheless spawns favor New York, and Temp comes up huge to extend the sequence.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: The Subliners take it to map 5 with sturdy holds, and three ARs as quickly as as soon as extra come up huge.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: The Huntsmen are in no strategy the perfect S&D group, nonetheless they provide the impression of being greater on it in opposition to New York, and it’s these two maps that give them the sequence and semifinals bid.

Paris Legion 3, Los Angeles Guerrillas 0

Rammaza, Hardpoint: An in depth hardpoint goes the best way by which of the Legion, who’re starting to look further comfortable in an AR-heavy setup.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: It’s odd to call this map an upset for Paris, nonetheless the Guerrillas have been so sturdy on S&D that that could be a truly good displaying for the Legion.

St. Petrograd, Domination: The Guerrillas get an early triple-cap in Round 1 that give them a couple of 30-point lead, nonetheless Paris get the 3-Zero sequence sweep with sturdy second-round B-C administration.

London Royal Ravens 3, Minnesota RØKKR 2

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Strong breaks and some specific particular person highlights win this for London.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: London sluggish points down enough and administration the map for a 2-Zero lead within the sequence.

Gun Runner, Domination: Although London are able to finish the first half inside six elements, the second half of this map is all Minnesota.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: The RØKKR uncover coordination and tempo which have eluded them for a lot of of their on-line performances and lengthen this sequence to a map 5.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: Seany stars on Construction in a 6-Four S&D win for the Ravens.

Atlanta FaZe 3, Paris Legion 0

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: FaZe have the upper hand for a lot of of this map and take it definitively 250-174.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: Abezy pops off, and the FaZe run by way of Paris for a 2-Zero lead.

Gun Runner, Domination: Atlanta secure a long-awaited semifinals matchup in opposition to the Chicago Huntsmen.

New York Subliners 3, London Royal Ravens 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: London start sturdy, and though a variety of kills and hill administration had been traded backwards and forwards, they take it within the tip.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: Temp takes over Round 11 and ties up the sequence 1-1.

Hackney Yard, Domination: An early triple-cap supplies New York a pleasant start on the first half of this map, they normally solely further their lead within the second half.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: New York hold ahead of London and head to the semifinals of their very own residence sequence.


Chicago Huntsmen 3, Atlanta FaZe 0

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: Two key breaks for the Huntsmen make the excellence, and Chicago goes up 1-0.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: People had been saying that the Huntsmen wanted to win in opposition to a better S&D group, and the Huntsmen’s dominion over this map calls into question whether or not or not Atlanta had been the upper S&D group the least bit.

Hackney Yard, Domination: FaZe look to keep up this shut, nonetheless the Huntsmen seize B flag and quickly develop their end in sweep the sequence.

New York Subliners 3, Toronto Ultra 0

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Accuracy and Attach lead a closing break to supply New York a shut win.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Accuracy as soon as extra takes center stage as he helps shut out a dominant S&D effectivity from the Subliners with a 1v3.

Hackney Yard, Domination: A triple-cap with a minute left supplies Toronto a likelihood, nonetheless New York quickly flips every B and A after spawning in direction of A facet and closes out a 3-Zero sweep.

New York Subliners 3, Chicago Huntsmen 0

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Like their first map in opposition to Toronto, the setup requires New York to make one different late break to win the map, they normally ship.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: New York and ZooMaa take administration of the sequence, no matter Prestinni and Arcitys’ best efforts.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Strong A-B administration supplies New York a 24-point lead on weak facet spawn, and though Huntsmen deal with to make it shut with a pleasant second-round B cap, New York take it once more to win their dwelling event.

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