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By Michael Snyder

Are we going to go from the frying pan to the fire? Earlier this year, most people thought the COVID pandemic was almost behind us. But then the Delta version came along and swept the whole world like wildfire. And now that we’re wrestling with Delta, there’s another version that officials are warning it could be the most dangerous of them all. As you’ll see below, a leading immunologist is telling us that the mu variant “looks potentially good at immune evasion”. Those are extremely dangerous words, but Dr. Fauci is reassuring us that we have nothing to worry about. In fact, he’s insisting that the mu version is not “an immediate threat” this moment…

Federal health officials said Thursday that the new COVID-19 variant “mu” does not pose an immediate threat to the United States.

“We’re looking into it, we take everything very seriously, but we don’t see it as an immediate threat right now,” White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci told a press briefing.

Considering how many times he’s been wrong, it’s amazing that so many people still listen to him.

At this point, Fauci has basically become the George Costanza of the medical world. When he tells you something, it’s almost always wise to assume that the opposite of what he says is actually true.

In this matter, Fauci is once again contradicting some of the world’s leading experts. For example, a top immunologist at Imperial College London is telling us that the mu version is definitely something we should be concerned about

“At the moment, there seems to be real cause for concern in the United States, Central America, and South America, but as we saw with Delta, a powerful version can cross the world in the blink of an eye,” says Danny Altman, PhD , an Imperial College London immunologist told The Telegraph.

So why is he so worried about this particular one?

Well, he says early research indicates it appears to be highly effective. on escaping immunity

“Mu looks potentially good at immune evasion,” Altman told The Telegraph. “To my taste, it’s a clear reminder that it’s by no means over. On a planet with more than 4.4 million new infections per week, new ones are popping up all the time, and there’s no reason to feel complacent. Not there. “

The mu version was first detected in South America, but has now traveled all over the world, and Business Insider reports That now the cases have been confirmed in 47 different US states…

Called Mu, the B.1.621 variant was first discovered in Colombia in January this year. As of September 4, cases of stress have been reported in 47 US states and the District of Columbia, Newsweek first reported.

According to data from Outbreak.info, the only states without reports are Nebraska, Vermont and South Dakota.

Unfortunately, that information is a bit out of date, as WebMD is now telling us there are now confirmed cases. in 49 different US states

More than 4,700 cases of the mu variant have been identified worldwide through genomic sequencing to Outbreak.info, an open-source database operated by Scripps Research. The US has identified 2,011 of these cases, of which 348 are in California. As of Thursday morning, only one state — Nebraska — had not yet reported a mu case.

So the mu version is not some “potential threat” that may or may not happen in the future.

It’s here now, and it’s spreading.

One thing I am watching closely is that many COVID victims are reporting very ugly skin lesions As one of his traits…

While the three most common symptoms of COVID-19 are cough, high temperature/fever and loss of smell and taste and are universally known, few people know that skin rashes are also a sign of suffering from the novel coronavirus. A report published in The Lancet journal reported that skin lesions such as erythematous rashes, hives and chicken pox-like vesicles “developed at the onset of SARS-CoV-2 infection or during hospital stay and were not related to disease severity.” Were.”

Some lesions also had burning and itching, while others began as erythematous-violaceous patches that gradually developed into purpuric lesions and then to blistering and ulceronecrotic lesions, with eventual complete return to normal. Another research found that 21% of COVID-19 patients reported a skin rash as their only symptom, while 17% of patients diagnosed with coronavirus experienced a rash as their first symptom.

At this point, we do not know whether the mu variant makes the appearance of such lesions more or less likely.

Hopefully we will learn more soon.

Even though none of the injections developed were designed to fight the Delta version or the Mu version, US officials are getting ready to begin distributing “booster shots”. later this month

White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that the US will begin widely distributing Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots during the week of September 20, but that the rollout of Moderna’s vaccine may be delayed.

The Biden administration has announced plans to give a third dose to people receiving the Pfizer and Moderna shots, pending approval from public health officials. The US recommends an additional shot eight months after the second dose.

A lot of Americans who have already shot two don’t want a third, but Fauci is telling us the data is coming from Israel. “Supported the rationale for COVID-19 booster shots”

“I wouldn’t be surprised at all that an adequate, complete regimen for vaccination would likely be three doses,” Fauci said during Thursday’s briefing of the White House coronavirus response team, though he said regulators would ultimately have to make that determination.

Fauci presented data from Israel that showed reduced immunity to the virus after about eight months, which he said “supports the rationale for COVID-19 booster shots.”

But it certainly won’t take long to tell us that even three shots isn’t good enough.

In fact, in Israel they are getting ready to give to the people his fourth shot

Israel is set to begin preparations to deliver a fourth dose of coronavirus vaccines as the country deals with rising cases despite its trail-blazing roll-out.

The country’s national coronavirus czar Salman Zarka said the country needed to prepare for a fourth injection, which could be modified to better protect against new forms of the virus.

Do you know that old saying about doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results?

This crisis totally reminds me of it.

And at this point, skepticism definitely growing Among the general public…

Survey Asked, “Do you believe that public health officials are lying about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines?”

Forty percent said no, but more than a third, 37 percent, believe they are lying. Another 19 percent are uncertain.

Opinion is sharply divided on party lines. A majority of Republicans, 53 percent, believe public health officials are lying, while 26 percent of Democrats and 35 percent of independent voters say the same.

I understand there is a tremendous amount of “Covid fatigue” out there right now.

Many people want to end this pandemic as they want to get back to their normal lives.

Unfortunately, this pandemic is entering a dangerous new chapter, and it is happening at a time when our world is rocking in so many different ways.

These are difficult times, and I have a feeling they are even more disturbing.

But Dr. Fauci keeps telling us that everything will be all right if we just listen to him, and you can trust him if you want.

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