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Government does not discriminate over faith, caste: PM | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the government does not discriminate on basis of faith, gender, caste, creed and language and added that the message of “togetherness” in the Bible pointed to the need for all Indians to work for advancement of the nation.
Speaking on the 90th birth anniversary of Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, the PM explained the government’s approach to short-term and long-term issues relating to the economy. “People-friendly and growth-friendly decisions have been taken in the sectors from sea to space, from farms to factories,” he said and hoped that the call for self-reliant India will ensure economic strength and prosperity for every Indian. He particularly emphasised measures to help the fisher-folk and praised the Order for its dedication to eradicating poverty.
The PM said the government is guided by sensitivity and a long-term vision to make India a growth engine. “Decisions are taken not from comfortable government offices in Delhi but after feedback from people on the ground,” he said.
Highlighting the “vocal for local” slogan, the PM urged people to ponder on how their actions can contribute to national development. “Today India is saying — we will produce locally and also buy local products. This will light the lamp of prosperity in the homes of many,” he added.
The Covid-19 crisis is not only a physical sickness but also highlights unhealthy lifestyles, he said and urged people to work hard for harmony and happiness on the planet.
“A global pandemic implies that humanity as a whole needs healing and people should do everything possible to further harmony and happiness in our planet,” the PM said.
He said India has always been open to spiritual influences from many sources and quoted Dr Thoma on “Humility which is a virtue, is always fruitful in good works” to say that it is with this spirit of humility that the Mar Thoma Church has worked to bring a positive difference in the lives of fellow Indians, especially in areas such as healthcare and education.
The Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church is one of the ancient, indigenous churches in Kerala.
The PM said said that due to the lockdown, many initiatives taken by the government and a people-driven fight, India is much better placed than many other nations and India’s recovery rate from Covid-19 is rising. . He stressed that the people should not “let our guard down” in the fight against coronavirus.

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