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Here are a few mindful and easy tips to help ensure better lighting for your home office

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |

Published: August 2, 2020 9:00:19 pm

Choose a light which is ideal for your home office and can emit varying colours ideal for your mood and setup. (Photo: Getty) 
With us staying at home for the longest time, the surroundings of our home have become of utmost concern. When it comes to home, one cannot miss out on lighting. They are not just tube lights or bulbs, in fact, they set and affect your mood. A room that is not adequately lit can rain on your parade. In fact, it can even make you anxious or cause headaches while affecting your eyesight.  While we are all working from home, we may feel the current ambient lighting isn’t meeting our demands for our home office and that is why we have a few tips to share. Check them out below.
Take a good look at your room and see if you have any natural light coming in from a window. (Photo: Getty)
There’s nothing like natural light

Mr Prag Bhatnagar, Senior Vice President, Havells India shares, “Take a good look at your room and see if you have any natural light coming in from a window. It would be a good idea to set up your work station right there as sunlight produces a warm light while blending beautifully with artificial lighting in a space.”

Keep in mind that you position your desk perpendicular to the window. As a result, it will be either facing towards north or south. This helps in avoiding the sunlight casting shadows during certain times of the day. Mr Bhatnagar also suggests going for blinds which would diffuse the sunlight coming through. 

Make LED lights a lifestyle option

Its 2020 and the need to save the environment is at its peak and that is why it is high time one switches to LEDs. Mr Bhatnagar says, “Using a single luminaire, one can enjoy the twofold benefits i.e. low power consumption and longer-lasting illumination. LEDs ensure high brightness with even and glare-free output.” Choose a light which is ideal for your home office and can emit varying colours ideal for your mood and setup. 

Say hello to decorative lighting

Let’s be honest, decorative lighting can completely change how your living space looks and feels like. “Using decorative lights in your home office can help you relax, and they are something you could turn on while unwinding” suggests Mr Bhatnagar. Go for pendants or small chandeliers to amp up your home office’s charm.

Adding a task light is important

Working from home has led to our work-life balance being disrupted resulting in many working late at night. This is the time when we need a task light more than ever. For example, if you are working on a computer or trying to focus during intensive tasks, use task lighting such as a sleek desk lamp. Mr Bhatnagar says, that it will illuminate the screen or the document. 

Not only that but it will also prevent unnecessary light to reflect off your computer screen. Before you go on to buy one for your study table or work desk, he suggests that you pick a lamp which is adjustable and can be placed at the same level as your chin. Make sure you place it behind your computer screen.

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