Homogenization is the worst thing for India: Chidambaram in Goa


Former Union minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday said “consolidation” was the “worst thing for India”. Chidambaram, who was last month appointed AICC’s senior election observer in Goa to oversee electoral strategies and coordination for the upcoming assembly elections in the state, was speaking at the Margao Block Congress Committee meeting in South Goa on Saturday evening.

“One of our Muslim brothers… suddenly stopped and said that you are eating beef and hence, he was killed. Someone is asked to say Jai Shri Ram and whether he says it or not, he is murdered,” said Chidambaram. This, he said, was “the price of homogenisation”.

“It is all because a small section believes that India should be homogeneous and where will it ultimately take us? It will take us to one party, one leader. It will end India as a democracy and become an elected dictatorship. There are already many think tanks and research in the world which show that India is no longer an electoral democracy, India is an electoral authoritarian state,” said Chidambaram.

“There are forces in this country who want to unite India. One language, one religion, one culture, one food. How can we accept it? Not only how do I accept it, why should I accept it? Why should you accept it? Each state has its own language, its culture, a way of life, habits, a way of dressing, a way of family life, a way of living with other people. Why should we accept this symmetry?” Chidambaram said.

He added that no one wants to live in an “authoritarian state” in fear of the government or the police. “I don’t want to be afraid of the government. I am born free, I want to live free and I want to die free.

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