In case of spoilage in bad weather, in case of spoilage from female sarpanch


    ~ Case with the woman sarpanch of the month of August 15:

    ~ Recent Events Related to Ballet Heim in Status

    ~ Entry filed with the female sarpanch of the day of independence, case registered in Janakpur police station

    ~ shall not be posted to any post posted on the same post for posting in disequilibrium.

    launch. The case of Janakpur police station area of ​​the district where there has been an incident of assault with the current sarpanch of the capital, Vimala Singh God.

    The cow protectors established their own village panchayat. ️ Young man has been infected.

    Mahipal God, Panne Lal Yadav, Shantal Guru ji intervened on earth. Successful attendant lady sarpanch registered a case at Janakpur police station. Where investigation is done in Janakpur Police.

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