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Indian-American community holds ‘Boycott China’ protest at Times Square in New York – Times of India

NEW YORK: Numerous Indian-Americans chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and different patriotic slogans staged a protest towards China on the iconic Times Square right here, demanding an financial boycott and a diplomatic isolation of the nation for its aggression towards India.
Indians dwelling in New York and New Jersey states together with the officers of the diaspora organisation — Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) – raised slogans of ‘Boycott Made in China’, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Stop Chinese Aggression’ amongst others.
The protesters, carrying face masks in view of the coronavirus pandemic, held placards that learn ‘We salute our fallen heroes’.
Members of the Tibetan and Taiwanese group additionally joined the protest and raised slogans towards China and referred to as for an financial boycott of the Communist big.
They additionally held placards that learn ‘Tibet stands with India’, ‘Stop Chinese Abuse‘, ‘Justice for human rights, minority religions, Hong Kong’, ‘China out of Tibet’, ‘China cease crimes towards humanity’ and ‘Boycott Chinese Products.’
The protest titled ‘Boycott China’ was organised on Friday by group leaders Prem Bhandari and Jagdish Sewhani.
“The India of today is different from the India of 1962. We will not tolerate the Chinese aggression and its international bullying. We will give a befitting reply to the arrogance of China,” Bhandari, Jaipur Foot USA Chairman and a outstanding social activist, informed PTI.
Bhandari stated that he and the Indian group had been deeply disturbed by the killing of 20 Indian troopers throughout the violent conflict with the Chinese troops in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley final month.
“We are sending a strong message to China. The Indian community around the world is standing with its homeland,” he stated. China shares its borders with 14 nations and is preventing with 18 nations. It reveals that it’s a bully. Now is the time to cease this bullying and folks consider India can try this, he stated.
India believes within the philosophy of the ‘World is one household’ and whereas specializing in its self-reliance, it’s going to additionally work for worldwide peace and solidarity, he stated.
Bhandari stated he’s planning to convey collectively diplomats from numerous nations — from Australia to India — on a standard unifying platform towards China.
President of the American India Public Affairs Committee Jagdish Sewhani stated on the protest that at a time when your entire world is battling the lethal coronavirus, the “bare aggression” by China against its neighbours including India has exposed the true intentions of this “rogue Communist regime.”
“I say it’s rogue as a result of the best way China is treating its personal folks in Hong Kong” and is undertaking ethnic cleansing against the Muslims/Uyghurs in Xinjiang, he said.
The peace-loving people of the world want China to know that enough is enough. It immediately needs to stop its aggressive behaviour against its neighbours, including India, Sewhani said.
India has always called for a peaceful global order but “this approach of peace should not be considered as our weakness,” he said.
Sewhani underlined that the India of 2020 is militarily and economically strong and has a “strong leader in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India under him will give a befitting reply to the nefarious designs of President Xi Jinping of China.”
He pointed out that the international community can hit China on three fronts — trade, Tibet and Taiwan. The world should boycott Chinese products, support independence of Tibet and support Taiwan.
“The three Ts can be successfully handled by a global coalition led by three world leaders Prime Minister Modi, US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,” he said.
He added that today, China’s entire population is under constant surveillance and now it wants to convert the entire world into a surveillance state. Its recent behaviour and action only prove this, Sewhani said.
He called for China’s diplomatic isolation and urged the international community to immediately start boycotting Chinese products.
Sewhani said that China should be ready to pay a “heavy price” for its aggression.
“It’s time for the democratic and peace-loving folks of the world to provide a befitting reply to China. Time has come for the entire world to unite towards this bully,” he stated.
Chairman of FIA Ankur Vaidya urged the worldwide group to unite as one to precise a collective and noticeable displeasure about China’s unauthorised and unacceptable extension of boundaries in breach of UN treaties and disregarding sovereignty of free nations.
The Tibetan group stated on the protest that it strongly condemns China’s actions towards India and its forces and the Chinese regime have to be held accountable for flouting worldwide regulation.
Among the group members taking part within the protest had been FIA President Anil Bansal, former President of FIA Alok Kumar, Rajendra Bafna and Pritam Shah.
Bhandari stated that he’s throwing away all made in China furnishings from his home in solidarity and to indicate that he’s strolling the speak, urging others to discard Chinese merchandise from their properties.
The undeniable fact that so many individuals gathered in Times Square for the protest regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the sturdy present of assist for India and towards the Chinese aggression.

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