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International Day of Yoga 2020: Peppa Pig and friends enjoy yoga, practice mindfulness – sex and relationships

What happens when Peppa Pig and her friends do yoga? They learn how to relax.

One morning, Peppa and her friends were at the playgroup when their teacher Madame Gazelle informed them about a visit by Miss Rabbit to teach them how to relax with yoga.

What’s yoga, they ask. Madame Gazelle tells them that it is a way of relaxing. Soon Miss Rabbit arrives, greets Peppa and her friends with a namaste and teaches them yoga.

Sitting on mats with eyes closed they try several yoga postures and enjoy to their fullest.

Peppa Loves Yoga is a small illustrated book of 16 pages and is published by Penguin Random House imprint Ladybird Books to coincide with International Day of Yoga on June 21. Peppa Loves Yoga is an addition to a series of books on Peppa’s adventures.

Life in lockdown has caused kids to be more irritable, with sleep troubles and for some of the youngest, developmental regression too, according to a survey in Spain on the psychological impact of coronavirus lockdowns on children.

Peppa Pig’s official YouTube and Twitter handles also shares informative content for kids in a fun way. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the anthropomorphic female pig also advises the need the wash your hands and keep them clean.


The popular show Sesame Street also creates videos educating kids and kidadults on various life aspects and make learning fun along the way. In a video titled Y is for Yoga, one can notice cute children practising various asanas under the guidance of their teacher.

Om the Yoga Dog: Fun and Easy Asanas for Happy Kids! by Ira Trivedi is a mindful book aimed at helping children and adults get adjusted to this new normal being experienced now. Om… will also be published by Penguin Random House.

Aimed at tiny tots and their parents, this fun book teaches yoga asanas with the help of step-by-step illustrations so that children can develop flexibility, strength, inner peace and mindfulness.

Along with Om, who teaches asanas like Surya Namaskar and roaring lion, there are also Prana the frog who teaches pranayama techniques like Anulom Vilom, and Moksha the elephant who teaches mindfulness exercises like yoga Nidra.

“In this book, we focus on asanas, but the benefits of yoga transcend the physical. The ultimate benefits of the practice are the concentration, focus and willpower that a young yogi develops,” says Trivedi.

— with PTI inputs

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