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Kinnars at loggerheads: Two rival groups clash, lodge FIRs

Two groups of kinnars in Prayagraj, one of which is affiliated to the Kinnar Akhada, are at loggerheads over the collection of ‘neg’ (money given to kinnars on auspicious occasions). During the last few days, a series of FIRs have been lodged against each other at different police stations and even clashes have erupted between them in some areas.

On Tuesday, the two groups of kinnars clashed in Muthiganj area resulting in injuries to some of them. A large number of kinnars from both groups created a ruckus at Muthigaj police station demanding to lodge FIRs against each other. The police booked 13 kinnars of both groups under section 151 for disturbing peace.

The two groups of kinnars have been accusing each other of intruding in their respective areas for ‘neg’ for more than a year now. The group of kinnars affiliated to the Kinnar Akhada claim that a new group of kinnars is illegally operating in their areas and collecting ‘neg’ on auspicious occasions.

Meanwhile, the other group of kinnars, which has few members, alleges that owing to their large numbers, the other group is bullying them and implicating them in false cases at different police stations of the city. “We were also born in Prayagraj and are living and earning our living here for many years. We are a group of over a dozen kinnars from different parts of Prayagraj who wish to live and earn peacefully but since a year some kinnars affiliated to the Kinnar Akhada have been harassing us.

“Although the main reason for the situation is interference in our area, another big reason is that we do not want to affiliate ourselves with the Akhada, or acknowledge its supremacy. They are not only attacking and injuring us but even implicating our group members in false cases using their influence,” complained Chhoti Kinnar who heads a small group of kinnars in Prayagraj. Meanwhile, SP (city) Dinesh Singh said some FIRs have been lodged against a group of kinnars. Investigations were underway in this connection.

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