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Mountain Man Dashrath Manjhi’s kin face huge financial crisis, Sonu Sood extends help

New Delhi: Mountain Man Dashrath Manjhi’s family is reportedly facing a huge financial crisis and none other than good samaritan Sonu Sood has once again stepped in to extend help. Sonu shared a newspaper report clipping and tweeted about it. 

Dashrath Manjhi’s family had taken loan for the medical treatment of his 2-year-old granddaughter Pinky Kumari. However, the kin are now urging the government to help for the treatment. Reportedly, Manjhi’s grandson works in Chennai and after the lockdown was imposed pan India due to the deadly novel coronavirus, he came back to his home. It has been a while since he has no work in hand and the trouble increased when his 2-year-old daughter Pinky met with a road accident 10 days back. 

Already Rs 45,000 has been spent on her treatment which the family collected after taking money from the villagers as loan. With no money left for the treatment, the family is now urging the government to help them for the treatment. 

The family alleges they have not received Indira Awas yet. Also, Manjhi’s son Bhagirath Manjhi used to get pension and his daughter widow pension which has been stopped. The kin also claimed that during the shooting of the film based on Dashrath Manjhi, several promises were made but they have still not received any royalty from the filmmakers. 

Manjhi’s son Bhagirath Manjhi told Zee News, “The girl met with an accident while playing on the road as she was hit by a bike. She has broken her one arm and leg. We are extremely poor, took a loan from people to get her treated but now how much more money will anyone lend us. I used to work in another place but due to lockdown came back home. The situation has worsened for us during this shutdown period. We have not benefitted anything from my father’s good deeds. There is a road, hospital and police station on my father’s name but have received no benefit from the government.”
“Filmmakers had promised to share 2 per cent profit of the film but till date have given nothing. We are uneducated people, do you think we will go to Mumbai to find them and ask for our money. The old-age pension which previously I used to get has been discontinued. Earlier, Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) President Pappu Yadav used to send us Rs 10, 000 every month but even that has been stopped now”, he added.

Meanwhile, Pappu Yadav has spoken to party’s State Executive President Umair Khan and ordered for financial help to the Manjhi family in distress. Khan made Bhagirath Manjhi speak to Pappu Yadav over a call and handed Rs 25,000 assistance.
Pappu Yadav has assured Manjhi that soon after the relief and rehabilitation work of flood-hit people in the state is over, he will meet Manjhi in person and provide them whatever help they need. 
Umair Khan said, “Parties are politicising Manjhis’ issue. Whatever money is needed for the little girl’s treatment, JAP will bear the expenses. Also, if the government doesn’t help them build a house then JAP will step in to ensure they have a proper house on their piece of land.”

He added, ” Every month Pappu Yadav sent Rs 10,000 to Bhagirath Manjhi but it has been discontinued for past few months. JAP President will look into the matter and ensure that it is started once again.”

Dashrath Manjhi from Bihar’s Gaya cut a huge mountain using only a hammer and chisel for the love of his wife, who died after falling off the mountain and not being able to get any medical assistance on time. Ever since he came to be known as ‘Mountain Man’ after he pledged to make a roadway across the ridge and help other villagers.


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