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New to PUBG Mobile? These steps will help you play like a veteran

Written by Karanveer Singh Arora
| New Delhi |

Published: August 6, 2020 8:10:07 pm

The tips given below will help you play better and thus bring you a step closer to the metaphorical chicken dinner that you have been desiring for so long.
PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in India. It is so popular that many have shifted to a smartphone or a better spec smartphone just to play the game. However, due to this popularity, the game has become extremely populated and old players have already picked up on various tips and tricks that help them win. Due to this new players face a lot of difficulties and some even leave the game looking for other competitor games like Knives Out, Free Fire, and more.

If you are one of the new players and are trying to pick up on some of the tricks that help you grab that chicken dinner then this is the right place you have come to. The tips given below will help you play better and thus bring you a step closer to the metaphorical chicken dinner that you have been desiring for so long.

Land carefully

The outcome of a match can usually be decided within the first two to three minutes of the match starting. If you pick the right spot to land then the game is halfway finished for you, as you can then slyly pile up your resources, while other players battle it out.

Avoid the spots where most players land for example Pochinki, Military base, power plant and so on. People land there to get the best loot, however, they spend most of that loot battling it out with other players. Land on a farther place, even though there might be less loot at that place, but all of it is yours as most others are battling for the main loot in Pochinki.

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Doing this will ensure that when you reach your first opponent almost half of the opponents are in the ground and you have a full inventory for you to take on the rest.

Loot, Loot, Loot

Most players after getting adequate supplies to stop looking for loot. That is one of the worst strategies to follow. If you keep on looting houses and buildings till the end, it is guaranteed, you will find something important that will help you win the game. As the circle keeps on shrinking, you keep on visiting new structures, if you have the time, rather than rushing into the circle, look for better loot.

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Also do not loot blindly, most old players know this trick, so be a bit more strategical and keep an eye out for opportunist players while looting and building up your armoury and supplies.


This is one of the constant tips I keep giving to new and old players alike. If you are looting a building, close the door behind you when you go in. This will allow you to loot. And if any unsuspecting opponent comes your way trying to loot the same building, you can listen for the door and get ready to shoot the player. He will not be suspecting that you are there and will come in unprepared, with you prepared to take the headshot.

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Get a car

Walking or running around makes you a sitting duck for players to take off the board. However, with a set of wheels, your speed is way too high to take a shot from far. Plus the vehicle also takes some of the shots if someone is trying to fire at you, leaving you rather undamaged.

Also with a car, you can simply spot other players that are running or trying to loot and drive over them to get a kill.

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Do not run after crate drops

Crate drops are one of the things that most players run too, to get the best loot there is. However, this causes a huge crowd and turns that spot into a huge battleground. I would rather recommend that you focus on looting buildings and surviving until the end. As taking on the last player is much easier than taking on 50 together at a crate loot spot.

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