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Raksha Bandhan 2020: Gifting ideas that your siblings will love you for

There are few things that can accurately sum up the love and affection that siblings have for each other, even if they do spend a lot of time arguing over everything under the sun. And yet, if you ask them, they wouldn’t change it for the world. Siblings are the perfect combination of friends and family and Raksha Bandhan serves as the perfect occasion to celebrate this love.

Brothers and sisters come together on this day to tie Rakhis to each other and promise that they will always protect one another. The ritual of tying the Rakhi is followed by eating sweets and exchanging gifts. Some may even argue that this is the best part about Raksha Bandhan, which is pretty much accurate, as long as you are the one receiving the gift. This Raksha Bandhan, shower your siblings with love and gifts. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Wireless Buds – We live in a completely technological world and wireless earbuds are the newest thing on the market for the tech-lovers. There are a lot of amazing options you can choose from, suitable for all types of budgets.

Gaming consoles – This serves as more than a gift that can be shared between siblings. And let’s be honest, what is more fun than beating your siblings over and over again in a game? If your brother or sister is a gamer, this might be the perfect gift for them.

Polaroid Camera – Polaroid cameras are all the rage right now and if your sibling likes the vintage aesthetic or just likes pasting polaroids on their room’s walls, this is the perfect gift for them. As polaroids are fairly compact, they are very versatile and it can be used with clear phone cases to make for the perfect Rakhi gift, all with a personal touch.

Watches – Watches are a timeless gifting classic, pun intended. Whether your sibling is a fan of the analogue type or digital, there are various options you can choose from on the internet. This gift is also relatively easy on the pocket as you can purchase whichever item falls within your budget so you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Grooming products – This may or may not be a subtle hint to your siblings that they need to start grooming themselves better, but we will leave the implications to you. From various makeup products to electric razors and more, there are a lot of products you can choose and customise to your sibling’s liking.

Engraved Bracelets – Even though the red thread of the Rakhi is very traditional, people usually don’t wear it after Raksha Bandhan is over. A more permanent bracelet that has a combination of your names or family insignia could serve as the perfect replacement for the festival of Rakhi.

Kindle + Books – Nothing says ‘I love you’ like giving books to the ones you love. Especially ones that you have already read and are dear to you. A new Kindle loaded with your favourite books can work perfectly as a gift for your siblings on Raksha Bandhan. Or perhaps even comic books if they are so inclined.

Fandom Merchandise – With the amount of content on the internet available for one to stream, chances are that your sibling has a particular show or movie that they are overly fond of. Buying them a mug or t-shirt that references their fandom would delight them! And who doesn’t want lightsabres as a gift!

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