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Six tips and tricks to play Monopoly

Written by Karanveer Singh Arora
| New Delhi |

Updated: July 30, 2020 9:29:36 am

Monopoly is one of the games just like Ludo that strikes a lot of nostalgia in most of our minds. (Image: ErikaWittlieb/Pixabay)
Monopoly is one of those games that most of us can relate to playing in our childhood, if not the original version, then the ripped-off version, called business. The board game is now available in multiple variants with an averaging cost of around Rs 800. The lockdown situation in the past few months has made most of us look back at games like these and encouraged to play them digitally with my friends and family.

Monopoly is just like Ludo that strikes a lot of nostalgia in most of us. The game’s digital variant is currently available on the Google Play Store for Rs 220 at discount, and without the discount it costs Rs 350. Same for the Apple App Store.

If you do not want to invest in a game, and instead want to experience it a few times for remembering old times, there is a knockoff version available in the Google Play Store, called Rento. However, it is not as intuitive as the original version.

People might say that Monopoly is a game of luck and people skills. I would like to differ a bit by saying there are a few strategic tips that you can apply to your gameplay to win the game. Here are few tips and tricks you can use to take the win over all your friends.

Buy as much as you can, but do keep a check at your cash reserve

Initially, you need to start off the game by purchasing as many properties as you can. As they will start returning you your money and deplete other players’ cash reserves. However, you have to be smart with your spending as not all properties are worth it and having some cash on you till the end goes a long way. It is suggested that you leave the first few properties on the board as they do not help you recover as much and are the least landed on properties. Try and purchase the corner properties to have a better chance at the game. Also do not spend all your money in one go, as it is very important for you to have some at all times. This could be needed if you land on somebody else’s property or land at the highest ROI location and have no money to purchase it.

Buy/Trade select properties to stop letting others complete a Monopoly

Creating monopolies at multiple locations is the aim of the game as you would be required to acquire all properties of the same colour and build on top of them. So your aim should be to stop each and every player other than you from getting all the properties of the same colour. So try and land at places where you see somebody building a monopoly or you can trade with someone to hold somebody else’s property. This will help you in stopping the other players from building on those properties. Later in the game when the other players are desperate and offer you a lot of money for the property, sell it to them at a rate, which you know will bankrupt them very soon.
Monopoly, Monopoly tips and tricks, Monopoly hacks, Monopoly Android, Monopoly iOS, Monopoly tips, Monopoly tricks, Monopoly Mobile, How to win Monopoly, Monopoly winning technique, Monopoly technique Try and bankrupt other players by playing smart and acquiring properties that will help others make money. (Image: Play Store)
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Railroads are cash cows

If you notice a lot of players keep landing on railroads. And having more than one provides you with a multiplier without having to build. They usually pay more than any other properties on the map initially, making them cash cows. Utilities, on the other hand, do not pay as well, and are not considered as well an investment as the railroads.

Use the Jail to your advantage

No one wants to go to jail, however, if you get stuck and have to spend time in jail, make the most out of it. Initially, when there are a lot of properties up for sale, try and get out as soon as possible, by paying off the bail. However, in the latter stages of the game, wait it out for other players to land on your properties and pay rent to you. As you are in jail at the time, you will not have to visit any of their properties and would end up saving a lot.

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Start auctioning when others do not have money

Initially, when everyone has money, do not ever auction off the property until and unless it’s a dog and you just want to drive up the price for someone else to make the wrong investment and lose money. After a point, when only two or three properties are left and your opponents do not have much money, auction those properties if you land on them, as you might have a chance to get them at a lower price than the listing, or you can drive up the price so much that the other player comes to the brink of bankruptcy.
Monopoly, Monopoly tips and tricks, Monopoly hacks, Monopoly Android, Monopoly iOS, Monopoly tips, Monopoly tricks, Monopoly Mobile, How to win Monopoly, Monopoly winning technique, Monopoly technique You need a complete set of properties to start building houses and hotels. (Image: Play Store)

Build, but strategically

Getting all the properties of a single colour is very exciting and prompts most people to build there immediately. However, you should take a different route and invest in houses and hotels slowly, so that you have cash throughout the game to float you, but at the same time have properties with decent returns to make you more cash. This strategy will help you save on money when other players are spending like anything and heading towards bankruptcy.

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