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Stalked for months, Indore woman dies by suicide

A 19-year-old woman is believed to have died of suicide at her home in Indore on Monday, her family said on Tuesday, adding that she was pushed to this because of harassment by two stakers.

The family initially believed she may have done this out of fear of possible failure in her Class XII examinations, but results out later on Monday showed that she cleared the exam with 74% marks.

Police inspector Yogesh Tomar said neighbours and the woman’s friends later told the family about the two stalkers. “One of the stalkers was exerting pressure on her to accept his offer for marriage. They also threatened to kill her family if she refused to accept the proposal. But the family was not aware of this.”

The family said police later accepted a complaint from the brother .

“The girl’s father…who is a labourer said he initially thought that she had committed suicide out of fear of possible failure in the exam; the result of which was announced on Monday afternoon. They checked her result and found she passed with 74% marks,” said Tomar. “Police registered an FIR on the complaint of the girl’s brother…on Tuesday and are investigating the matter. No arrest has been made so far.”

The brother said his parents were away and her sister was alone at home when the two stalkers, Sunny and Bhaiyyu, who have criminal records, barged into the house and threatened her with dire consequences if she did not marry one of them.

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