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Will take action if Ramdev’s Patanjali claims Coronil can cure COVID-19: Maharashtra Minister | Maharashtra News

MUMBAI: Maharashtra government on Friday said that it will take action against noted yoga guru Swami Ramdev’s organisation Patanjali Ayurved if it creates confusion among people or misleads them claiming that their newly developed drug Coronil cures COVID-19.

The warning came from Maharashtra’s FDA Minister Rajendra Shingne who said, “Coronavirus can’t be treated using Coronil drug manufactured by Patanjali. Action will be taken if Patanjali creates confusion among people or misleads them claiming the drug cures COVID-19.’’

It may be noted that Ramdev had on Wednesday claimed that his organisation Patanjali Ayurveda followed all necessary protocols for developing the Coronil pill for treating coronavirus infection.

“We have followed all the protocols. These protocols were not set by Swami Ramdev or Patanjali but by modern medical sciences. We have made Coronil with use of Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi,” Ramdev said.

While addressing a press conference on the issue, Ramdev said he stands by his claim of 100 per cent recovery rate and claimed that the ”Corona Kit” developed by his team could cure COVID-19 patients. 

The yoga guru further said that they have found that clinical trials were able to control the factors that lead to a person’s conditioning worsening due to coronavirus. The trial carried out by Patanjali found that in three days 69% and in 7 days 100% of patients suffering from COVID-19 tested negative,” Ramdev said.

Referring to the controversy regarding the Coronil pill, he said that a campaign was run to target him and his close aide Acharya Balakrishna.

”If you have a difference of opinion with me or Acharya Balakrishna, criticize us. But, at least have a soft heart towards people who are suffering from coronavirus, diabetes, Cancer and other such diseases. Me and Acharya Balakrishna come from a humble background” Swami Ramdev said.

He added that people used to say that Ramdev would go to jail. ”A lot has been speculated about Patanjali in the last few days. I was personally attacked by people. They said Patanjali had failed, taken a U-turn,” Ramdev said.

Baba Ramdev said that Patanjali conducted randomised placebo-controlled clinical trials for the medicines, where they found a 100 per cent recovery rate in COVID-19 patients.

Explaining how the medicines work, he said that the biggest danger is that the novel coronavirus enters the lungs and starts to multiply. The medicines can control this multiplication.

The yoga guru stated that ”we have resolved our differences with the Ayush Ministry and all three medicines including Coronil will now be available in the market.” There is no metal found in these medicines, he added.

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