Your Guide to Drive-In Movie Theatres in Indiana


What’s more American than baseball and apple pie? Would you believe this is a drive-in movie theater?

Known as the “Park-In Theatre” at the time, first drive-in It was started on June 6, 1933 in Camden, New Jersey. Designed by a creative entrepreneur to be an affordable, comfortable experience for the whole family, the drive-in experienced wild popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, when there were 4,000. more than all over the country.

Drive-ins have somewhat faded in appeal since those early days. Most vehicles today are not as elaborate as the classic models of the bygone era, and drive-ins are difficult to maintain. They require a lot of land for parking and are dependent on the weather for their functions.

Just like that, drive-in theaters retain an aura of romance and nostalgia that many people find compelling – and the experience is something true cinematographers love. (Plus, if you’re still a little worried about indoor movie theaters due to COVID-19, the drive-in gives you a safer, more socially distanced option.)

Luckily, if you want to experience a real drive-in theater, you still have plenty of options in Indiana.

Tibbs Drive-In – Indianapolis

If you support the family-owned businesses that make indie great, visit Tibs. Once one of the city’s 18 drive-in theaters, the dunes Inside Indie Proper is now the last of its kind. They are open every day from March to October except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and pets are allowed.

Canary Creek Outdoor Cinemas – Franklin

Canary Creek Outdoor Cinemas is a relative newcomer, as it opened in 2004, and has the distinction of being Johnson County’s only drive-in theater. You’ll find all the big hits of the summer right here, usually as a double feature.

Georgetown Drive-in – Georgetown

It’s a true throwback to 1950s nostalgia – because that’s when it was built. One time single screen operation, Georgetown Drive-in Now boasts a second screen and enhanced audio, but they still have some standing window speakers for those who want an authentic experience.

Melody Drive-in – Knox

Talk about a blast from the past! NS Melody Drive-in Off Highway 35 South has been in non-stop operation since its opening in 1949. Five nights a week (they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays), they have two running screens and can handle 500 cars at a time.

Centerbrook Drive-In Theater – Martinsville

Located just 15 minutes north of Indianapolis, centerbrook is a conveniently located drive-in that has managed to combine modern technology with retro 1950s-style charm. They have a grassy lawn, a playground for the kids, and traditional window speakers for the purists in your crowd (though FM radio sound is now available). This is another cash-only operation, so remember to bring extra money for snacks.

MELS at Starlight Drive-In – Thorntown

mails There’s an upgraded sound system but they’re still playing movies on 35mm projectors because they haven’t converted to digital yet, which means it’s probably as close as you’ll ever get to an authentic, old-fashioned drive-in. These experiences will come. . This theater has been delighting moviegoers for nearly 75 years, and they’re not planning on stopping!

Moonlight Drive-in Theater – Terre Haute

Another newcomer to the drive-in scene, Moonlight opened its doors in 2018. Owned and operated by the Barnhart family and part of the KJB Theater, guests when they visit can expect nothing less than the best, including all digital projection and Dolby Digital surround sound – all at low, affordable prices. .

Skyline Drive-In – Shelbyville

About 30 miles southwest of downtown Indy, you’ll find Shelbyvilles Skyline Drive-in. They run dual features from early spring all the way to December, and their Sunday night specials allow you to bring in an entire carload for just $24—which is a great deal for families!

Starlight Drive-in – Bloomington

Opened in 1955 by Carl and Ruth Stewart, starlight Now part of the Barnhart family operation (KJB Theatres). Barnhart has upgraded this traditional drive-in venue to digital and installed surround sound so that every guest has a great experience. Don’t forget to check out their “Cafeteria” for some excellent snacks while you’re there!

Cinema 67 Drive-in – Spencer

cinema 67 Another great place to go if you want to support local business owners as it has been under the same ownership for the past 40 years. From April through October, gates open at 8 p.m. and double-features begin in the evening – and pets are welcome. If you want to pick up your location, get there early as it fills up quickly.

Tri-Way Drive-In – Plymouth

Named after the place where the three major highways converged, three way What started with a single, humble screen – and now has four screens showing eight movies each night, digital displays and its own restaurant. This is definitely the place to go when you want to escape the monotony of daily life for a night.

Holiday Drive-In – Michelle

when do you go Holiday Drive-In at Mitchell, only the rural location will lead you to a simpler, easier time mentally. There’s plenty of room to relax, and double features always include the latest, greatest movies. However, the real star of this drive-in may be its amazing concession stand. You won’t want to leave without indulging a bit.

Huntington Twin Drive-in – Huntington

Opened in 1951 and capable of accommodating 500 cars full of people, huntington There has been a double-screen drive-in since 2012. Not only do they have great 4k-digital projection and an updated sound system, but they also have a playground for kids.

Auburn Garrett Drive-in – Garrett

Open from April to October, it is a cash only operation Where you can see a double feature (and, sometimes, a triple feature) for one less price. This drive-in can accommodate over 400 cars, making it easy to find a great spot to visit.

There are a few other drive-ins scattered throughout the state, but these are certainly some of the best on the list. If you’re looking for a new family tradition (or just want a great date night with someone special), grab your car keys and head out the door – because the silver screen is calling!

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